Thursday, June 18, 2009

Timely Article by CNN Health

CNN Health wrote an article today on health reform: What you need to know about health care reform 
"You heard a lot about health care reform this week, and you'll be hearing even more in the months to come. It's an incredibly confusing, complex issue, so in this week's Empowered Patient, we break it down for you with 10 frequently asked questions about health care reform."

What are some of the other questions you frequently ask yourself when thinking about this complicated topic?


  1. The United States has always been slow to follow the trends of the western world. Decades after slavery was banned in every European nation the U.S was still illegally importing human beings to exploit and now we the citizens are being exploited by the health insurance companies. My question is this; why are we the only western democracy that doesn't provide public health care for it's citizens?
    Dan Caldas, Florida